CSO Academy is established in January 2021 in order to create employment opportunities for the musicians of the future and to provide qualified continuity in their education. With the principle of sustainability of education and development in music, it is aimed to enable musicians to gain orchestral experience and to enrich this experience with intensive chamber music programs.

CSO Academy offers an important opportunity for musicians to build their future in the most perfect way in today’s world where the orchestralism and the musical talent are gathered under important headings such as period styles, listening culture, rehearsal discipline and mental preparation rather than mere instrument virtuosity.

Designed as a world-class cultural complex, the new CSO concert halls will host various events, seminars and training programs for Academy members.

The recital schedule and application conditions for the CSO Academy, which is planned to start its activities in January 2021, will be announced on the CSO website.



  • CSO periodic concerts and rehearsals
  • Tours, outdoor concerts and CD recordings
  • Chamber music program and concerts
  • Educational Concerts
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Old music and new music programs
  • Mental preparation techniques