On March 3, 1924, with the abolition of the Caliphate, Makâm-ı Hilâfet Muzikası and Mâbeyn Fasıl Heyeti under the authority of the Palace lost their functions. Makâm-ı Hilâfet Muzikası, under the conduct of Mr. Üngör, was invited to Ankara to give concert for the benefit of Rumelia refugees. The concert was successfully held on March 11, 1924 at the National Cinema Building.

The orchestra, which was equally successful in its second concert on April 2, received the title of Riyaset-i Cumhur Musiki Heyeti with the official letter, published on April 6 upon the resolution of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Riyaset-i Cumhur Musiki Heyeti consisted of three different units; Orkestra Heyeti, Bando Heyeti and İncesaz (Fasıl) Heyeti in the capital. While Zeki Üngör was responsible for the Riyaset-i Cumhur Orkestrası and Veli Kanık was responsible for Riyaset-i Cumhur Bandosu, Nuri Halil Poyraz was to conduct the Riyaseti-i Cumhur İncesaz Heyeti. The orchestra also started giving regular weekly concerts for the public in Ankara.