Venditti & Kocamangil


CSO Concert Hall






Robert Schumann, Cello Concerto (string orchestra arrangement)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Senfoni No.36, 'Linz'

Nil Venditti


Search for new forms of narration had been an important aspect for the post-Beethoven era composers. Perceived by some composers as forms that have reached to their limits, symphony and concerto, mainly means of pure instrumental music, were arguably not the best fit for the asthetic concerns of the 19th century, which usually required a programmatic character. Yet, even though such a search for new directions exists more in the progressivist styles of Wagner and Liszt, it is also possible to see some minor scale experiments in form, in respectively more traditional composers like Schumann and Brahms. Schumann's Cello Concerto, which the composer intended to call a concert piece rather than a concerto, provides a good example to such an attitude in terms of its unity of movements without pauses and its unusual use of the soloist in a non-virtuosic manner. For this program, Nil Venditti will lead the Turkish Presidential Symphony in a performance of the string orchestra arrangement of Schumann's Cello Concerto